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Posted on August 29 2014







Wearing: Shirt: H&M| Jeans: Urban Outfitters| Sneakers: Nike| Hat: H&M| Watch: Karl Lagerfeld

We’re all in consensus that collared shirts are not the look, right? No? Maybe it’s just me then. Wherever your collar loyalty lies, you have to admit that the new collarless trend is pretty dope. Well it’s not that new if you grew up in the golden age of the 80′s/90′s, but I digress yet again. Dropping the collar is a great way to make any outfit look more elevated if you’re about that life. (Note: You should always be about that life.) I’ve never been much of a fan of solid colored shirts, but any collarless button up has enough detail to make me change my tune. Go ahead and get yourself one because it’s not like you were planning on wearing a tie anytime soon.


url: http://dailymister.com/collarless-shirts/#disqus_thread

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  • Lucas: August 08, 2015

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