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Posted on October 11 2014



Wearing: sweater & cardigan, shirt, jeans

Ironically enough, if I’m one emotion today, it’s definitely not BLUE! I am so overjoyed that you guys love the new IAG layout and design. All of your wonderful comments mean the world to me. Big shout out to WALLPLAY and Alessandra’s team for putting it all together for me. Really grateful!

I wanted to throwup a quick autumn-outfit post since the colder weather has definitely arrived in NYC. I’m living in these Aeropostale threads because they’re so comfortable and stylish at the same time. I styled the outfit monochromatic blue (for the most part) because I’m on this color kick lately. Everyone is starting to wear all black again and I’m walking down the street like the cookie monster…owning it of course. Make sure to check out some other fun seasonal pieces from the AERO’s site HERE.

photos: Nick Pierce




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  • Victor: February 04, 2016

    Damn that cardigan looks really good, it combines class with casual.
    I’d pay a fortune for that one, could you tell me where can I buy this or from what designer that cardigan is, anything to help me find it, thank you and great outfit

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