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About Us

Sneak Outfitters, LLC began as a men's fashion clothing online retail store in 2011. Reaching for a global scale, our first collection stood out in the online fashion market. Sneak Outfitters quickly became one of the hottest shopping spots on the web for men. In 2012, we created a new line for women's apparel, shoes and accessories. Thrilled by our rapid growth, we will continue to create new ideas, outlook and expectations for the fashion world.

Headquartered in NYC, our team is inspired by the culture of the city. We follow the ever changing international trends closely and continue to refresh our exclusive collection with fabulous designs from all over the world.

We believe that fashion is an attitude. Style is a perfect expression of who we are - bold and unfettered. Sneak Outfitters is a magical place where fashion generates endless excitement and unexpected joy. We have created a space that enriches and motivates people with the positive energy we all sorely need in real life. Some may call fashion trivial, but we know that style means more than a thin layer of fabric.

Love fashion. Love Life

Sneak Outfitters LLC